Dudes, I've been pushing the fermented vegetables a lot lately. It's for good reason. Probiotics are of exceptional importance these days. Especially with the recent discovery of antibiotics becoming less and less effective against pathogenic microbes. Natural immunity is more important than ever. Here's the thing, probiotic supplements can be highly therapeutic, but expensive. Dr Mercola had probiotic levels of fresh, raw sauerkraut tested and concluded that one 16 ounce jar of sauerkraut contained probiotic levels equal to eight bottles of probiotics. 

16 ounce jar of sauerkraut ($3) = 8 bottles of probiotic supplements ($367.92)

It's a no brainer. And absolutely delicious. Watch the Bexlife video and click the link below to grab our step by step eBook. 

An easy to understand, step by step guide to creating fresh fermented vegetables in your home kitchen. Featuring basic sauerkraut, vegan kimchi, fermented hot chilies, pickled beets, and many more. The most powerful, diverse and affordable source of gut friendly bacteria is found in fresh fermented vegetables.

This quick start guide to home kitchen fermentation includes: 

  • A step by step formula for making both basic sauerkraut and kimchi
  • A simple, yet complete understanding of the science behind fermentation
  • Tips on ingredient selection, fermentation supplies and storage tricks
  • A variety of recipes for preserving seasonal ingredients
Posted on May 5, 2015 .