THE TRUTH ON POOP - Response to Joe Rogan's comment - PODCAST #18

I've been holding this podcast back for a few months. I was waiting for the new studio to get on it's feet. We're getting close enough so here it is!

No guest this week! Just me talking shop about one of the most important concepts in achieving next level health. I was listening to Joe Rogan chat with the directors of Cowspiracy on his podcast when he mentioned that he thought the idea of retained wastes in the intestines is a myth.

My fifteen years as a colonic therapist and the life long work of Dr. Hiromi Shinya shows us otherwise. In this podcast we look at the colonoscopy footage proving that not everything that goes in comes out.

Cowspiracy the film:

Cowspiracy on the Joe Rogan podcast:

Environmental Working Group Consumer Guides:

10 Americans video:

And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider.

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Posted on April 10, 2016 .