Michael Perrine

Michael Perrine is a detoxification consultant, certified colon hydro therapist, certified holistic health counselor and the founder of Vitality NYC, a nutritional detox studio in New York City offering gravity colon hydrotherapy, whole body cryotherapy and nutritional coaching. Over the last fifteen years, Michael has performed over 18,000 colonic irrigations and supervised thousands of people through various methods of internal cleansing including fasting, colon cleansing and liver flushing. Michael has also studied natural food preparation, nutritional science and diet philosophy at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Michael is also an instructor at the Natural Gourmet Institute and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Prior to working as a health counselor he worked for eight years as a natural foods chef at Angelica Kitchen in New York City. His desserts and food have been featured in Time Out New York, Vegetarian Times, The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen, and The Angelica Home Kitchen. He is a regular contributor to top fitness and lifestyle blog Bexlife.com and host of the EveryDayDetox Podcast.