The Bexlife Phenomenon - Rebekah Borucki - PODCAST #5

I finally had the opportunity to sit with my long time friend Rebekah Borucki and discuss the YouTube phenomenon of Starting in 2009 with "4 minute fitness" YouTube videos, Bexlife has grown into one of the leading forces of the women's wellness movement. Using social media to share her life as an open book she covers the areas of fitness, spirituality, business, personal growth, raising a healthy family and the ever changing world detox and nutrition. 

In addition to being a YouTube Goddess, Rebekah is: 

- a fitness and yoga instructor, 

- a meditation teacher, 

- an organic gardener, 

- a backyard chicken farmer and goat herder,

- the wife of rockstar photographer Justin Borucki, 

- a mother of five,

- and an all around modern Super Woman

The first thing we set straight is that Bex doesn't like lychees (eating the entire bowl was purely accidental). Next order of business was to realize that thirty minutes into the podcast it had stopped recording… And then there's this bit about Mob Wives and colonics. It could not get any better, but it did. Bex started dropping F-Bombs and we got into some really good conversations about: 

- contemplating death at eight years old 

- past life regressions 

- entering childbirth as a full participant including the painful parts

- orthorexia and the dangers of mainstream media

- the "complications" of returning to simple eating

- and how society and media can disconnect us from our innate personal power robbing us of a full life experience


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And remember: We’re just talkin’ here! Nothing said is intended to replace medical treatment or the advice of your healthcare provider. 

Posted on August 26, 2014 .