Angelica Kitchen - Dodging bullets to bring the farm to NYC - PODCAST #8

In 1996 there was only one place I wanted to work. Angelica Kitchen. Macrobiotic in it's roots, dedicated to organics, loyal to local farmers and foundational to the organic and vegan movement. It is the cornerstone of vegan cuisine, always pushing new boundaries while maintaining everything good about classic vegan food. Before the words, locavore, raw, artisinal and handcrafted made their way into our everyday vocabulary Angelica Kitchen was creating a food culture that transformed the culinary landscape we experience today. I was fortunate enough to serve 7-8 years as the pastry chef. 

For this podcast I was joined by Leslie McEachern, the owner of Angelica Kitchen for 33 years. We were also joined by Chef Scott Winegard the Director of Culinary Operations for Matthew Kenney Cuisine and a long tome friend and co-worker of mine since the mid nineties at Angelica. 

In this podcast we discuss:

  • The early days of bringing organic vegan food to NYC in one of the most eclectic and turbulent neighborhoods downtown. 
  • Competing with drug dealers for pay phones. 
  • The challenges and art of running a socially responsible business. 
  • Connecting with plant spirits in the deep woods of North Carolina.

For the best organic, vegan food in NYC check out angelica

You can find Scott Winegard on Instagram @scottwinegard

Posted on January 13, 2015 .