Dr. Fred Bisci - Consequences of a fruitarian diet - PODCAST #14

Dudes! If you’re some next level vegan, raw food, aspiring genius then you don’t want to miss this epic podcast! I was cycling through the park a few weeks ago and somewhere in between the Morrissey and Wu Tang an old episode of Vitality Radio started playing. For those that don’t know (basically everyone) I used to have a radio show on tribecaradio.net with my ex-business partner Donna Perrone. To be honest I usually cringe when I hear it. I was super uptight, inexperienced and nervous when we were making that show. However, some of our guests were amazing. David Wolfe, Pat Rooney (aka Pat the Plumber) and Dr. Fred Bisci to name a few. The episode that popped up had Dr. Fred Bisci as our guest. That show aired March 20th 2008 and raw food mania was still at it’s peak. We had some real deal conversation on complete lifestyle change, deep tissue cleansing and natural healing. It’s from a time when a majority of our clients were into spiritual raw foodism and radical health seeking. People were willing to go deep into cleansing with excitement and passion. I love and miss that part of the work. I rarely get to discuss these things deeply anymore. So this was such a nice surprise to hear on that bike ride! 

I took two shows that we did with Dr. Bisci that day and I pulled all of the gems out and put them together into a 50 minute podcast. It's such important content. 

Here’s what we discussed: 

- Spiritual grounding to overcome food cravings

- How toxicity and poor tissue quality passes from mother to child

- Becoming too clean for our highly toxic world 

- Colonics and cellular gas diffusion

- The consequences of a fruitarian diet

- His personal diet and lifestyle


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Posted on July 8, 2015 .